Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Gerald and Joseph’s Fighting Knife

You’ll recall that I mentioned two fellows who were making a knife to be sold in a raffle for a friend of theirs.  Gerald is a knife-maker and Joseph is a woodworker.  Anyway, the knife is finished.  Both fellows like fighting knives and so that’s what they built.  I hope you’ll agree with me that this is one fine knife.  By the way, in case you want to contact them here is their email address: jal3098@aol.com


  1. That handle has beautiful grain to it - mesquite ? It is a beautiful knife, I'm not much into 'fighting' patterns, but it looks great to me.

    1. I think the wood is huisache. I’m not much of a tacticool guy either, but both fellows prefer the Bowie style.

  2. very handsome knife

    I suppose like a lot of guys not infected with the bushcraft virus I find the bowie silhouette the most pleasing blade profile...especially the long clip point variety

    I thought about it and almost all of my carry knives are of the "bowie" persuasion except for a dh Russell that I've used for hunting and fishing for decades

    just as a point to consider...the only guy I know who spent time being repaired after a "knife fight" was essentially gutted with a six inch boning knife...a single slash from his watch pocket, through his belt and up to his shirt pocket...just sayin'

    1. Excellent point. The good ole’ butcher knife or maybe a machete. I’ve seen the results of the latter.

    2. since we have tend to have so much disposable income we seem to have forgotten that for a lot of years folks used what they had

      I grew up in neighborhood that was transitioning from bad guys using fists and sticks to sticks and knives to ply their trade
      so I learned a little about knives in a fight

      awareness precluded a lot of strife
      fleet feet even more
      however sometimes there was no getting away

      my answer to the fruit knives and cheap switchblades was a boy scout knife
      not the main blade...it snapped like everybody else's cheap knife...but the can opener

      sticking out the bottom of your fist a guy could still punch or make painful bloody slashes that ended most confrontations

      I've never found any charm in fighting but you use what you have...as you mention a machete would quite likely be decisive

    3. Fascinating. Just a matter of backyard engineering and like you said, the strength and fleetness of youth.

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