Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Say Goodbye to Your Clean Drinking Water!

"Gone For Good: Fracking and Water Loss in the West….”

One infamous “news” network has engaged in attacks against alternative energy sources for quite some time.  The reason, of course, is to demonize that industry and thus keep their friends in the oil, gas and coal cartel profiting while destroying our soils, water and air.  A recent article on this “news channel’s” website focused on a number of birds killed by wind generators off the coast of England.  Not one mention was made about the thousand-fold higher number of birds killed yearly by tall buildings, radio towers, utility lines, automobiles, cell-phone towers, game-proof fences, television towers, and oil and gas drilling derricks.  That, of course, is not where they want you looking.  It’s a classic con job and many people are suckered into it.

I’ve maintained for years that people who can only look to the right or left politically and ideologically are bound to run into a brick wall or stumble over a root in the road.  Give me someone instead who both politically and ideologically keeps their nose to the wind and their eyes along the skyline and who knows how to negotiate the trail.  That, my friends, is an intelligent person.

But regarding energy acquisition, the facts are we must either turn quickly to alternative and less polluting ways or we will lose our homelands.  Remember that plutocrats don’t care about clean air or clean water.  It’s a bizarre psychological type closely related to classic sociopathology.

So now we are in the midst of quickly disappearing fresh water at the hands of these villains.  A few weeks ago I sat at a roadside park north of the town of Three Rivers, Texas looking west at dozens of gas drilling rigs.  Do the people living there realize their underground water is being poisoned?

Natural gas drilling poisons millions of gallons of underground water and when you have an area with scores of wells you can kiss your well water goodbye.

More proof has arrived that our Western Lands are being raped by the Natural Gas syndicate.  Please read the following report.  If you care for America you will take action against these polluters and desecrators.


  1. Ground water the oldest natural source for drinking water for humans but with rapid industrialization and use of new techniques such as hydraulic fracturing the ground water is getting contaminated.

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  2. My husband works with water in Calgary and I know they've been having a bunch of debates and conversations about this.

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    1. Sure you idiot - Why get millions of gallons of clean God-given drinking water for 2 cents a gallon (until it's Polluted forever by frackers), when you can pay $9 for a 5 gallons bottle of it. Go turn on your kitchen faucet and light your water on fire...

  4. you think you can stop them? have fun trying. the billionaires and major corporations are the ones who run this country. not the government and it sure as hell ain't "we the people". "we the people" have about as much control in things as the peasants of jolly old england back in the feudal era of great britain.

    1. Maybe we need to persuade George Hayduke to come out of retirement....