Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Two Angry Females....

I’m not sure how to explain the photos other than to say that both bodies were lying a few feet from each other and it looked like they had been dead for only a couple of hours.  Even so, they were still quite beautiful.  Strange, how something so stunning can be so dangerous.  And yet, these females are in abundance out here.  Yesterday I found a bunch of them hiding in a row of concrete blocks placed to form a retaining wall near the cabin.  Each had a large egg case alongside and when I was messing with them one of the egg cases popped open and hundreds of little ones started running around.  The moms are fierce protectors of their young.  They’ll rush at you and if you’re not careful they’ll bite.  Ah yes, my friends they can mess up your life.  Woe to the fool who falls for the trap.  Did they kill each other?  Was it jealousy or a territorial dispute?  I guess it’s likely not jealousy since they terminate their mates when no longer needed.

You’ve heard of a cat fight?  Well, this is a fight with fangs and venom.  Some people report extreme pain upon being bitten while others say it didn’t hurt all that much.  Hmm, I think I’ve heard that before.  Nausea, muscle cramping, fever; the symptoms vary but if one is healthy then it’s not life threatening.  Still, who wants to be bit?  We’ve got another reclusive lady around here and I’ll tell you about her later.  Yes, the brushland desert is a mysterious place filled with all sorts of beauty.  But watch out for the temptress in black with the bright red birthmark on her belly.  She’s vicious when angry.  But then aren’t they all?

I spotted these two ladies on the trail walking back to the cabin.

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