Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Couple of New Woods Roamer Knives

Those of you who track this blog know one of my favorite hobbies is making knives.  I like to make crooked knives, hook knives and a large bushcraft knife I call The Woods Roamer Knife.  There are posts and videos scattered throughout this blog of my WR knives and I have come to rely on them almost exclusively for the light chopping work I engage in around the cabin and in the nearby woods.  These knives aren’t intended for heavy chopping but are designed for what one might need in a survival situation where a knife serves for making a small shelter, building a makeshift camp and setting out traps.  I have come to rely so heavily on my Woods Roamer knives that I feel sort of naked if I go walking any distance from the cabin without one in hand.  A few people in the area started asking me to make them a WR knife and over time I have made about twenty or thereabouts.  I have three personal knives and I also gave one of my knives to Son Number Three who is an avid woods guy.  I think he’d rather be in the woods than anyplace else and in that regard he’s a lot like me.  People started emailing me asking me to make them Woods Roamer knives and I usually said I’d make one when I had the chance.  Work gets in the way of fun but I try to spend time in my little shop making knives and selfbows—my other hobby.  So anyway, I just completed two Woods Roamer knives and I have decided to put them up for sale in my Etsy Shop and I’ll include that listing in a couple of days.  Please don’t write me regarding either one of these knives unless you go through Etsy.  They are peculiar in that respect and so I’ll honor their request.  They do, after all, have to get their cut out of the deal and that’s included in the price.  I’ll post a link to the shop in the “links” section of this blog.  But just in case you get lost the shop goes by the name of Woods Roamer.

One knife was made from a 14 inch industrial file and the other knife was made from a large rasp that also measured 14 inches.  Below are some photos.  When I put them up for sale through my Etsy Shop I’ll have more specifications.


The handles are mesquite with brass pins.  I’ve learned to swell the rear of the handle in order to give more control in light chopping.  Of all the WR knives I’ve sold I’ve only made one sheath.  A fellow said he wanted one to give away as a gift and so he also wanted a nice sheath so I made a pretty leather sheath and upped the price by fifty bucks.  Most desert rats around here say, “No thanks…I can make my own sheath.”  I’m posting a YouTube video tomorrow if I can (Two Part Video) on South Texas Machetes and Machete Sheaths.  We’re not too particular in the ranch country on our sheaths as you will see.  They are simple and functional…that is to say, they work.  So I have no plans to make sheaths for these knives in order to keep the price under $150.00 with shipping.  Keep an eye out for the video.  If all goes well it will appear within a day or two at the most.

UPDATE:  Neither woods roamer knife made it to Etsy.  They were both gone within three hours of this post.  I'll try to have a few more knives available later this year.