Saturday, September 15, 2012

Jam and Jelly Stirring Spoon

My cousin, Dora, has a few grape vines and every year she grows a patch of strawberries and harvests some clumps of grapes.  There’s no profit in the venture so it’s done mainly just for the heck of it.  Some get eaten fresh but most end up as grape jelly and strawberry jam.  The only problem is that when she’s stirring the brews on her kitchen stove the sugar laden boiling water has a tendency to bubble up and burn her wrists.  Well yes, she uses mittens but what she really needed was a longer handled stirring spoon.  So she asked the old Woods Roamer if he’d make her a spoon for concocting jellies and jams.  The project took a few minutes and what you see in the photos is the result.  Go out and cut a branch and make a spoon.  Used one of my crooked knives for most of the preliminary carving and then some sandpaper starting at 60-grit and ending up at 500 grit.  Top it all off with some food-safe mineral oil and walla….a long-handled stirring spoon.  I’ll get the first jars of jelly and jam, of course.