Thursday, June 28, 2012

U.S. Coastal Pollution Data

I live about 110 miles west of South Padre Island at the southern tip of Texas.  The windswept barrier island looks out onto the Gulf of Mexico and, for some at least, is a favorite vacation spot and fishing locale.  A couple of times per year I’ll grab a surf rod and reel and head to South Padre for an afternoon and evening of bait casting.  I prefer fishing the bay, Laguna Madre, but surf fishing offers some interesting challenges.  I’m always concerned about water quality and over the years I’ve written a number of articles on the waters off South Padre as well as the condition of the Laguna Madre that separates South Padre from the mainland.  I came across the following website yesterday and thought I might pass it on to you.  It contains data tables and other info on beach water quality in the U.S..  For those of you who enjoy coastal fishing or perhaps simply beach roaming then this might be of interest.