Saturday, July 7, 2012

Save Our Lands!

They are at it again.  The oil and gas mafia that owns at least half of the Congress and got its way for eight years is back trying to destroy another patch of great American hunting land.  Recall that between 2001 and 2007 the best pronghorn and mule deer habitat in North America was turned into thousands of miles of dusty roads, hundreds of gas wells and a seemingly endless column of pipelines.  The people of the Powder River Basin in Wyoming saw their peaceful lives and unique habitat ruined by anti-nature, pro-drilling (“drill baby drill”) politics. Isn’t it strange how you never hear from a certain crowd that claims to stand for “hunting rights” when their political buddies are out annihilating precious hunting lands.

But if you care about the outdoors or if you’re a hunter or nature person then hear this: Your lands are methodically being wiped out by a gang of political gofers and their masters. I’m not talking politics here; I’m talking about saving the land. Stand up to preserve it or you’re going to lose it. It’s that simple.  There are people out there with limitless amounts of money who will spend mega-millions to get you thinking their way.  They will distort facts.  They will contort your value systems in order to get you to do what they want.  They will bombard you with propaganda. And all the while—like the Wyoming Powder River Basin—the land is being turned into moonscape.

Here’s a link to a Field & Stream story that discusses another impending move to destroy hunting lands.

Here’s some history of what happened in the Powder River Basin.

There are hundreds of articles detailing the devastation that has occurred on Western Public Lands.  The amount of empirical evidence describing the impact on the land is daunting. Even so, there are people who refuse to listen to reason, who become enraged when reality faces them squarely and who are seemingly addicted to a particular media that spends its time indulging in misleading propaganda.  Many of you, I’m sure, are perplexed that people could be so easily duped. And all the while, our lands are being devastated.  It’s time to take a stand and save our lands!