Thursday, July 26, 2012

Back in the Woods: The Oppressive Heat Continues

Drove to San Antonio then on to Dallas and now back in the woods.  Live in quiet for a time and it becomes difficult to be amongst so many people.  The heat seemed more oppressive “over there” than here but perhaps millions of autos and what seems an infinite number of asphalt miles has a lot to do with creating oppressive temperatures.  It’s still hot in deep South Texas and will stay hot until the first “cool front” wafts through in mid to late October.  The reprieve will be short-lived and within days warm weather will once again settle over the region.  The winter cycle of cool then balmy will continue into early spring when unremitting heat will again take control.  Indeed, it will come as a pleasant surprise if temperatures ever dip below 40 degrees this coming winter.  Now and then we get a freeze and though some people, farmers mainly, deplore the frigid temps most of us revel in what we think the season ought to feel like.  In other places chaotic climate produces not only severe heat and drought it also makes for crippling blizzards.  After all, as tropical oceans heat up water evaporates into the atmosphere where winds carry the water across the globe.  In places to the north a waterlogged sky dumps its cargo in the form of heavy snows.  All of this is to be expected; it’s not as if increasing global temperatures make for nothing but heat.  But the dramatic melting seen in Greenland is disturbing.  And the American Midwest is now in a severe crisis as rainless skies emit nothing but scorching sunrays onto desiccated soils.  Is this global warming or simply bad weather?   I wonder if statements like, “Its summer; get over it,” are only admissions of underlying self-indulgence and profound foolhardiness especially given the mountains of data indicating our climate is becoming more and more chaotic.  Some submit that mature people will always err on the side of prudent behavior and take measures to reduce any chance of human’s contributing to the chaos.  Of course, the key word is “mature.”