Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Crooked Knife Blade Shapes

Woodcarvers sometimes ask me to leave a little more steel on the crooked knives I make for them so they can customize the blade bevels.  So I’ll make a knife that’s sharp but with enough room on the blade to allow for re-contouring.  Of course, I also make crooked knives with blades that are designed for specific woodcarving tasks.  Crooked knives can also have varying handle shapes and I touch on that in the following video as well as in an earlier video I made about a year ago.

You know you’ve got too many crooked knives when those around you tell you to start selling them because they’ve got no place to put things: “You’ve got knives in boxes, drawers, canvas bags!!….”  So I’m going to open an Etsy account and sell some of my crooked knives.  I’ll put a link to my “store” on the Woods Roamer Home Page in a few days and if you’re interested in getting a crooked knife then you can go to my place on Etsy and maybe you’ll see something you like.

Here’s a short video on crooked knife blade shapes.  You might want to check out my earlier video on crooked knives as well as my postings a year ago on various crooked knives.

PS: In the video you can hear male bobwhite quail around my place whistling up potential girlfriends.  This goes on all day long.  I’ve got a lot of doves in love too but I’m not sure if you can hear them on the video.