Friday, June 8, 2012

The Influx of Tropical Diseases into The United States

The world is still flat for some people; the universe still revolves around the earth, and a fairy drops a dime (maybe it’s been inflated to a quarter) when a lost tooth is dropped under a pillow.  And for those same people, any discussion about global warming, or the watered-down term, climate change, brings a sort of panic attack coupled with instant aggression.  They have been, after all, well trained by the media they gorge on.  Truth, it seems, holds less regard for some than does sating their personal ideology and perhaps calming inborn fears.  Nonetheless, for those who are willing to face facts, deal with truth and examine data I present the following bits of news:

1)    Certain tropical diseases are moving north into the USA as a result of our warming climate.

2)    At least one of these diseases, Chagas Disease, has the potential to produce real havoc if it lands in The United States to stay.

3)    This past year has been the hottest year on record.  By the way, temperature records in the US began in 1895.  And yes, the earth has experienced hot climates in the past.  But, pray tell, what does that have to do with right now?  And for those hooked on anti-clean-environment  propaganda; doesn’t it make sense that we take the side of prudence and caution and start acting responsibly to curb the emissions of greenhouse gases from things like autos and factories and other toxic sources?  Please tell me, what does it matter if the economy is sustained (their favorite argument) if everything is so screwed up that it won’t matter anyway?  Let me say this another way: If life is precious as some people assert, then does it not sound rational to say that life should be preserved on all levels and stages?  Shouldn’t we work to ensure that the quality (not in economic or quantitative terms) is sustained on real and genuinely qualitative levels?  Let me try another approach: I hear people proclaim that they don’t want to pass any debt on to their children.  But those same people find no qualms in passing a polluted and desecrated world onto future generations.  Now that is about as logical as saying that we should act blatantly irresponsible because some higher power will see to it that the world is protected.  Make no mistake, the world will continue.  It’s life on earth that’s in jeopardy.

I thought I’d throw that last website in just to keep a certain crowd’s blood pressure high.  By the way, the photo above is of a Chagas Bug.  The photo was taken in my little workshop the other night.  We deal with them frequently around these parts.  A friend was telling me that he went camping not long ago and he and a companion were practically eaten alive by Chagas Bugs.  Yes, they sucked a lot of blood out of the two.